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Every day at 4pm, people like you check their banks to find they've won - for planting, protecting and preserving forests. Nice.

Win prizes daily

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MyTrees works with one of the world's leading conservation organizations, Conservation International to make sure that your money is going to the highest quality projects that are making a real difference.

Real climate action

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Cutting-edge science

Support local communities


Trees saved

Global impact

Supporting 4 Global Projects

Working with a team of acclaimed scientists and conservationists, MyTrees supports 4 key projects around the world, protecting natural habitats and supporting local communities.

πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Join 20,000+ happy winners

MyTrees is built for people who are tired of the old charity model and are looking for a new way to give. Our players love us because we are truly a win-win.

Rachel W.

β€œThe most amazing thing that has happened to help save the planet in forever! Won Β£10 and had only been playing a week.”

Rachel W.won Β£1,495

Adam B.

β€œI won a Β£500.00 prize. I was so surprised I nearly cried. I really needed this lift too, so thankyou MyTrees. I will continue to support you. You're amazing! :)”

Adam B.won Β£1,440

Harry L.

β€œSaw this as a promotion on Facebook and signed up because I liked the concept. I already donate to various charities working in the same field, but I liked the different concept of helping and having the potential to win a prize. Great idea!”

Harry L.won Β£1,167

Kevin S.

β€œA must have subscription service for all those conscientious of our environment. A small fee goes a long way and there is even a chance to win some money, it's a no brainer!”

Kevin S.won Β£594

Natasha G.

β€œGreat idea, love the fact I can plant trees and help towards the environment and possibly win some money at the same time. Been playing a few months and have already won Β£10 which is great!”

Natasha G.won Β£576

Joseph L.

β€œReally good company - seem to have the right intentions and it helps us just do a little bit for the planet, and we won some money too!”

Joseph L.won Β£546

A win-win

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Enter for as little as Β£5 or up to Β£20. The more you give, the more likely you'll win.

Win prizes daily

Protect forests

Instant withdrawals

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